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General Rules

Rules & Regulation for the Students:-



1.(A) Students must come to the School with the proper Dress code:- Pressed           School Dress, Perfectly tide Tie.  High Waist Pant, Decent hair cut (no               design & no long hair for boys ), Polished Shoes & Clean Socks.

 (B) Properly cleaned & Pressed Dress for Girls with Two Plaits hair style with           Black Rubber Band and those with short hair should tie pony tails.



2. (A) Students having attendance below 75% will not be allowed to appear the                ANNUAL EXAMINATION.

    (B) Students with full 100% attendance & disciplined manner will be awarded.



3. Yellow & Red warning cards will be introduced from 1st April 2016 for in disciplined Students and the parents of those students will be informed to take special       care of their wards if their wards repeatedly create disturbance in their respective class room and are indulged in mischievous activities on theSchool Campus       failing which the School Authority will be forced to take further actions.



4. Students are not allowed to bring Mobile Phone and Scooter,Scooty or any Bike to the School.



5. Speaking in English is compulsory on the School campus.



6. Students habitually & regularly coming late will not be allowed to attend classes and their parents will be informed to send the children in time. The main school     gate will be closed at 6.05 AM (Morning classes) and 10.00 AM (during day classes).



7. Students must come with ID and School Dairy to the school.



8. School fee/Bus fee/Computer fee/ Annual dues are to be paid within the stipulated period Decided by the School, i.e. Quarterly.



9. If any Students fails to pay School fee consecutive two quarters, his/her name will be Struck off from the School Register.



10.Only two persons (out of which one person must be a parent) will be entitled to take the child home from the school in emergency or urgency during the School      Hour.


11.Damaging School Property is a CRIME.STRICT ACTION will be taken against, Any student who will be found damaging School properties inside the Class           room or inside the School Campus.